Green P Parking App

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I am downloading the app from the Play Store and it states I need to grant access to "Photos/Media/Files”. Why do I need to grant this access?

The Android operating system contains default notices (such as “this app will access your “Photos/Media/Files”) to describe how an app may access information on your device, and you may have seen that it suggests that the Green P application powered by Passport may access your information, including music and photos. We do not have any method by which to access any files on your device except a local log file that documents your activity within our app only. This log file is stored on the same memory space as your photos and music, and Android therefore requires the disclaimer to indicate that we have access to that general memory space. Additionally, this log does not track your activity in any other app, nor does it contain data pulled from any other function on your device. We can access the file only when you submit a bug report. The data in the log file allows us to reproduce, and ultimately fix, any bug that you encounter during your use of the app. We can’t randomly or intentionally access the data stored on your phone or pull it from your device onto our servers in any circumstance except during the submission of a bug report. In other words, we only gain access to the local log file of your activity when you choose to send the data to us. We do not actively or passively observe your use of our app. You can read our Privacy Policy here.