How do I set up my Green P Wallet for the first time?

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When using Green P Mobile Pay for the first time, you must create a parking session in order to load funds to your account. To start your first parking session and load your wallet follow the outlined steps:

  1. Enter the Location ID, licence plate, and length of stay.
  2. Select the button Charge Card.
  3. Select your preferred payment option (Credit Card or PayPal).
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. A minimum of $20.00 is required to fund the wallet. A pop-up will appear to confirm this. Select Yes.
  6. Select Green P Account. The cost of your parking session will be deducted from the $20.00.
  7. You will receive a text message receipt confirming that your wallet has been funded with $20.00.
  8. A confirmation screen will pop-up displaying the details of your parking session and payment method. Select Yes to begin the session.
  9. You will receive another pop-up asking if you would like to receive your receipts through email.
  10. When you select Update Now you will be directed to the Profile page to enter your email.
  11. If you select Later you will be taken to the Active Session summary screen. If you decide to add your email later then you can update it in your Profile and then go to Options and select Email me receipts.
  12. A screen will appear letting you know that “You are parked!” Tap the screen to close.
  13. The Active Session screen will show up displaying the details of your parking session.

When you initiate or extend a parking transaction the balance in the Green P wallet will be checked. If the balance in the Green P wallet is not sufficient for a parking session or when your account balance reaches $0, you will receive a notification. You may reload your account at that time.