How can I receive a receipt?

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You will only receive a receipt automatically if you have entered your email in the Green P account and select Email me receipts under the Options button. There are two types of receipts: wallet load receipts and parking session receipts. When you load your Green P Account with funds ($20 or more), you will receive a Wallet Load Receipt. When you pay for parking, you will receive a Parking Session Receipt.

For Wallet Load Receipts: To view your wallet load history, select the Green P Account button in the sidebar menu, and press Recharge History. The recharge history will display all debit and credit transactions to the Green P Account.

For Parking Session Receipts:  To view your parking session details,  select Parker History in the sidebar menu. When you select a specific transaction, more details are shown.  The mobile app only displays the last 10 transactions. You can also visit on a desktop computer browser, where you can see your entire transaction history. Please note, a tablet/iPad is NOT considered a desktop computer, and therefore will only show the last 10 parking sessions as per the App. The site gives you the option of generating a parking session report by month or by selecting a date range, which is downloadable as an Excel file. If you wish to print the Excel file all in 1 page, please ensure print options are set to “Fit Sheet on One Page” on Microsoft Excel before printing. If you need any further assistance please contact