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How can I deactivate my Green P Account?

If you no longer wish to have a Green P Account, but still have money in your wallet, you are able to have your money returned to your current payment method. You will need to deactivate your account from either a mobile or desktop browser.
  1. Log on your account at
  2. Click on the menu on the top left of the screen
  3. Under Settings click Profile
  4. Select Deactivate Account
  5. A confirmation message will appear, select Yes
  6. If PayPal is the current payment method of the account, you will be required to enter your mailing address for a refund
  7. Select the Confirm Deactivation button
For the balance in your account to be refunded to the last payment method in your Green P Wallet, please e-mail Once you deactivate your account, it cannot be reactivated and your parking history will not be retained. If you wish to use a Green P Account again, you will need to create a new account. Repeated account deactivation may restrict your ability to create a new account.